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03 May 2023

More than 60000 worshippers attended the 27th  night of Ramadan.


Embodying notions of giving by distributing 1,500,000  Iftar  meals during the Holy month


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque received 852,714 worshippers and visitors during the holy month of Ramadan and the Eid Al Fitr holidays. The crowds of worshippers who flocked to the mosque throughout the days and nights of the holy month of Ramadan to pray and reflect reached 367,867 worshippers, of which 80,782 attended the Isha and Tarawih prayer, and 118,595 attended the Tahajjud prayer. On the 27th night of Ramadan, the mosque witnessed a large turnout of worshippers, reaching 60,310.

It also received visitors from all cultures and faiths worldwide throughout Ramadan, reaching 394,627 visitors. In contrast, the total number of tours offered at the mosque reached 254 and was attended by 4,238 visitors. On the other hand, the tour operator's reservations reached 4,559 reservations, including 80,304 visitors, and official delegations’ reservations reached 39 reservations, including 500 visitors.

Whereas during the Eid al-Fitr holiday, the total number of visitors to the mosque reached  394,627, including 84,180 worshippers and 83,302 visitors who enjoyed the exceptional and rich visit experience provided by the Centre at the mosque to all cultures and age groups in the community.

In its preparation to receive worshippers and visitors at the mosque throughout the holy month, the Centre implemented a well-formulated strategic plan to ensure the readiness of all services and field preparations. It formed several committees and task forces from the Centre's staff who worked around the clock in various technical, logistical, and media-related fields in an organized and integrated manner to ensure the achievement of the Centre's objectives that seek to provide the highest standards of services to all visitors throughout the holy month.

During the holy month, the Center's Ramadan preparations also involved Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Grand Mosque in Al Ain, which received  165,630 worshippers. 76,909 were received during Isha and Tarawih prayers and 68,919 during the Tahajjud prayer. At the same time, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Fujairah received 102,189 worshippers, of which 47,921 attended the Isha and Tarawih prayers, and 20,783 attended the Tahajjud prayer.

Range of  services for worshipper's convenience during  Isha and Tahajjud prayers

Out of the Centre’s keenness to create a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere for the worshippers and visitors during the holy month through providing several innovative services that reflect genuine Emirati hospitality, It allocated 6,579 parking lots for worshippers, including 1,500 for women, and 60 for people of determination, in addition to allocating the internal and external parking areas in the eastern area adjacent to Wahat Al Karama. Whereas during the last ten days of the holy month, to manage the heavy crowds of worshippers, more than 1,000 parking lots were allocated, and additional parking spaces at   Zayed Sports City with shuttles to transport worshippers to and from parking lots.

The Centre also prepared additional parking lots to accommodate thousands of cars arriving at the mosque within a short period, as tens of employees oversaw the parking areas and made great efforts to reduce the time required to park and enter the mosque. As soon as the parking lots surrounding the mosque were full, worshippers were directed to the parking lots of "Erth" Hotel and Zayed Sports City, involving more than 30 trips per day and more than 60 trips on the nights of the 25th  and 27th  of  Ramadan in air-conditioned buses to smoothly. And conveniently transport them to the mosque.

As the journey of serving worshipers does not end at this point, as more than 40 electric cars were provided to transport crowds of worshipers from the parking lots and back after the end of the prayer, in addition to providing more than 50 wheelchairs. The Center also took into account the privacy of worshippers of both genders by placing elegant barriers designed and manufactured in Germany according to the highest standards in the courtyard, while the design of the barrier was inspired by the mosque’s aesthetic designs.

The Centre also received its guests with Oud and amber fragrances, one of the most beautiful components of Emirati hospitality, as the mosque’s halls and corridors were filled with a welcoming and refreshing scent of the finest types of Oud throughout the holy month.

Large quantities of Quran manuscripts were distributed in all the halls and corridors, placed on elegant shelves inspired by the elements of Islamic art that spread throughout the mosque.

Mobile information points were also allocated throughout the mosque to meet the worshipers' needs, answer their inquiries, and direct them to the sites, in addition to points for lost children separated from their relatives.

The mosque's courtyard was equipped with more than 1,000 comfortable carpets that were specially manufactured, with a design inspired by the mosque's carpet.

 While to transmit the imam's voice to the worshippers outside the prayer halls, a special sound studio was equipped with the latest technology and supervised by qualified sound engineers, whose mission was to ensure that the imam's voice was transmitted loud and clear to every worshipper outside the prayer halls.

 Additionally, audio copies of the Holy Quran, containing various readings from Ramadan in the voice of both imams of the mosque, Idris Abkar and Yahya Aishan. As well as distributing water bottles, as about 437 thousand water bottles were distributed to the worshippers, with more than 47 thousand packages only distributed on the twenty-seventh night of the holy month.

The Centre also provided many exceptional services, including doubling the number of staff in the switch room, which received a large number of calls. While those from all over the world could not attend the mosque, the Centre coordinated with Abu Dhabi TV to arrange daily live broadcasts, which reached millions worldwide. In addition, it provided a free photography service for guests, which allowed them to take souvenir photos during Ramadan and the mosque and provided them with printed souvenir photos documenting their visit to the mosque.

Around-the-clock efforts

At the end of the prayer and after worshippers left the mosque, the work teams continued their work diligently to remove the carpets, barriers, information booths, Quran shelves, and water coolers to prepare the mosque to receive visitors in the morning in record next time, as during the days of the holy month the mosque daily received about 16,000 visitors.


More than 15 programs and initiatives 

The Centre had the honor of hosting four lectures of the "Mohammed bin Zayed Council” Ramadan lectures which was one of the most noteworthy events hosted at the mosque, which complemented the mosque's status as a leading global architectural masterpiece and one of the UAE's most prominent religious, national, and cultural landmarks.

The Centre continued to fulfill its religious and cultural role by organizing many programs at the mosque filling the days and nights of the holy month with the Tarawih and Tahajjud prayers. The prayers were led by the Imams of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Idris Abkar, Yahya Aishan, and several honorable reciters from the UAE President's guest scholars and the mosque's guests amidst an exceptional atmosphere. The honorable scholars also delivered eighteen lectures hosted by the mosque daily after the Tarawih prayers in cooperation with the General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Endowments.

In cooperation with the General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Endowments ,the Centre also launched the second season of the "Dhikr from the mosque" series throughout the holy month of Ramadan, which was posted on the Centre's Instagram account. During the series, the preachers of Sheikh Zayed Mosque delivered a group of religious messages revolving around the virtues of the holy month and the lessons derived from it.

In addition, it also organized several initiatives, including four episodes of the "Jusoor" initiative that extended invitations to guests from various cultures and ethnicities living in the UAE to spend a day living the details of the holy month. The industry involved 150 people, including representatives from American, Australian, Canadian, New Zealand, Danish, and Mexican embassies as well as representatives from the American Women’s Association, the Aldar Company, the Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination, the International Raha School and a number of the Centre’s staff. The participants took part in packing the Iftar meals at Erth Abu Dhabi Hotel - for onward distribution at the specialized economic zones "Zonescorp." The participants later joined a specially curated cultural tour at the mosque that briefed them about its message ​​of peace and coexistence. They also learned about the "Iftar Cannon," a cherished Emirati tradition during Ramadan.

While the Centre also organized an initiative in cooperation with the Zayed House for Islamic Culture to receive delegations of around 150 new Muslims, during which they learned about its message that calls for peace and interfaith coexistence. The program concluded by inviting them to an Iftar meal, allowing them to experience the spirit and whiffs of the holy month in the mosque.

In collaboration with the General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Endowments, under the supervision of the Presidential Court, the Centre organized a Ramadan evening at the mosque, coinciding with the "Zayed Humanitarian Work Day," which falls on the 19th of Ramadan every year.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre further hosted the community walking event (We Walk Together), which was organized by the Abu Dhabi Athletics Club in cooperation with the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center and the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, with the participation of more than 350 people from various groups of society, number of the Ministry of Defense Affiliates and the Centre's staff took part in the event by walking across the jogging track of Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque. This initiative comes out of the Center's keens to fulfill its social responsibility by encouraging community members to practice sports and raise awareness of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Distributing 1,500,000 Iftar meals and 20,000 Suhoor meals during the holy month

The Iftar meals distribution project vividly reflected the Centre's message during Ramadan. The project was implemented in cooperation with Erth Abu Dhabi Hotel - the strategic partner of the Centre over the years. The project involved preparing and distributing 520,000 Iftar meals throughout the month, at a rate of 50,000 balanced Iftar meals per day. They were distributed directly with the specialized economic zones "Zonescorp" to the recipients of various cultures. The Centre also distributed 20,000 Suhoor meals during the last ten days of Ramadan, embodying the values ​​of giving and benevolence instilled by the late founding father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, within the UAE society.

Global echoes

The Centre harnessed all its capabilities to shed light on Ramadan activities during the holy month, as it worked on producing 103 media materials, including press releases, interviews, and social media posts. More than 700 local, regional, and international media outlets circulated the Centre’s news during the month of Ramadan, with more than 1,900 social media posts and more than 10 video interviews conducted with representatives of the Centre.

Volunteer to give back to our homeland.

In line with the Centre's commitment to fulfilling its Social Responsibility, its role in instilling the value of volunteering within the community and endorsing one of its core values, “ Volunteer to give back to our  homeland.”, which is also a pivotal part of its strategic plans; the organizing committees at the Centre formed work teams including the Centre's staff from different fields and specializations.

 More than 580 volunteers, including the Centre’s staff, police officers, paramedics, and Civil Defense personnel, worked side by side throughout the holy month  to provide the highest level of services to worshipers to perform their prayers with  reverence and ease.



Strategic partnerships with twelve entities

The Centre further acknowledges the efforts of government and private authorities and associations that annually cooperate with the Centre during Ramadan, whose integrated contributions and active role played an integral part in the success of the entire work system during the holy month, including Erth Abu Dhabi Hotel - the strategic partner of the Centre - and the Ministry of Defense represented by the Command of the Support Units, the Ministry of Interior, The General Command of Abu Dhabi Police, the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments, Abu Dhabi Media Company, the Emirates Red Crescent Authority in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Fujairah, the (Absher Ya Watan) volunteer team, the Integrated Transport Center, Emirates Transport, Abu Dhabi Distribution Company, and Tadweer - Waste Management Center.