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14 Jul 2023

The mosques accomplishment of obtaining the fourth position worldwide and leading regionally within the top 25 tourist attractions category is officially verified.
• Mosque worshipper and visitor numbers has seen a stark 127% surge when compared with the corresponding period last year.
Peace and coexistence with diverse global cultures are embodied by over 2,637 cultural tours defining the UAEs message and culture.


Abu Dhabi - July 2023

During the first half of the current year, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre in Abu Dhabi received 3,334,757 visitors, with an increase of 127% compared to the number of worshippers and visitors in the same period last year. Among them were 914,195 worshippers and about 2,388,437 visitors, including 1,684,409 visitors to the mosque and 704,028 visitors to the Visitor Center and Souq Al Jami’, Providing the best services and unique reinvigorating experiences. Whereas the number of users of The Mosque’s Jogging Track reached 32,125 users.

The percentage of visitors from within the country was 19%, while the percentage of visitors from outside the country was 81%, reflecting the prominent position occupied by the mosque as one of the top global destinations that receive millions of visitors annually. The mosque library was visited by 1,104 visitors, and the number of vehicles that transported worshippers and visitors to the mosque reached 757,026 vehicles.
These numbers enhance the advanced global achievements that the mosque has achieved as one of the top and best tourist attractions in the world, according to the evaluation of the TripAdvisor website specialized in travel and tourism affairs for the year 2022. According to the evaluation, the mosque ranked first in the category of the top 25 tourist attractions in the Middle East, fourth globally in the category of the top 25 tourist attractions, and ninth globally in the category of the top 25 cultural and historical landmarks.

The number of reservations for official delegations in the first half of this year reached 648 reservations, attended by 10,979 people. Meanwhile, the mosque was visited by 167 high-level delegations, including visits from 10 heads of state, 3 deputy heads of state, 2 prime ministers, 6 parliamentary presidents, 36 ministers, 4 deputy ministers, 19 ambassadors and consuls, and 87 visits from official delegations from various entities. All delegations were introduced to the mosque's message of tolerance and cultural communication, as well as its unique Islamic architecture and the unique experiences and services it offers to visitors with international standards.

Through its cultural tours, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre has strengthened the mosque's civilizational message in promoting the values of tolerance derived from the teachings of the true Islamic religion. The Centre's cultural tours specialists have conducted 2,637 cultural tours, joined by 37,402 visitors from around the world.

The Centre has also enhanced its cultural role in highlighting Islamic culture and introducing local cultural heritage through a range of unprecedented religious and cultural programs. These programs have attracted more than 1,365 visitors during the first half of this year. Among these programs are the ‘Jusoor’ program, the New Muslims program, the Jigging Track events, the Pink Caravan, and the Zayed Day for Humanitarian Work events.

On April 21, 2023, the highest number of worshippers in a single day was witnessed, with 63,919 worshippers performing prayers in the mosque. As for the highest number of worshippers for Friday prayers, it occurred on June 30, with 12,176 worshippers performing the Friday prayer rituals in the mosque. In terms of visitors, the highest number of visitors was witnessed on April 22, which coincided with the second day of Eid al-Fitr, with a total of 33,682 visitors. On June 21, the mosque received 5,410 visitors, which is the lowest number of visitors in a single day.

As for the ranking of countries whose citizens visited the mosque, India came first with 393,566 visitors, followed by Russia with 130,023 visitors, China with 99,277 visitors, the United States of America with 92,364 visitors, Germany with 76,857 visitors, Italy with 61,330 visitors, France with 53,996 visitors, Israel with 53,974 visitors, Pakistan with 47,640 visitors, and the United Kingdom with 45,790 visitors.


Ramadan .. Creative Initiatives and Continuous Giving

During the blessed month of Ramadan 1444, the Centre witnessed an unprecedented influx of worshippers and visitors, with a total of 852,714 visitors to the mosque, including worshippers and visitors, during the month of Ramadan and Eid vacation. The number of worshippers who performed prayers in the mosque during Ramadan and Eid reached 452,047, including 122,449 who performed the Isha and Taraweeh prayers, and 180,896 who performed the Tahajjud prayer. The mosque witnessed the highest attendance in its history on the 27th night of Ramadan, with 60,310 worshippers.
It is worth mentioning that Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre is keen on providing all facilities for worshippers and visitors to reach the mosque and explore its various facilities, corridors, and unique architectural details. It is considered one of the prominent cultural and tourist destinations in the United Arab Emirates, as the mosque is rich in various arts, in addition to its role and message that calls for openness to world cultures, which is reflected in its construction and the artistic works that bring civilizations together in one place.