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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre launches ‘Sura’ Evening Cultural Tours

28 Dec 2023

As part of its commitment to providing exceptional services and promoting cultural exchange, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre (SZGMC) announced the “Sura” Evening Cultural Tours within the mosque premises.

These exclusive tours allow visitors to explore the mosque outside regular hours, from 22:00 to 09:00. This initiative reflects the Centre’s strategic plan to elevate the visitor experience to international standards and share its message of tolerance and cultural unity on a global scale, solidifying the mosque's position on the world tourism map.

The primary objective of “Sura” Evening Cultural Tours is to cater to visitors from Abu Dhabi and the rest of the country who have limited time due to international transit flights. Recognising their constraints, the Centre has extended the visiting hours to accommodate their schedules. For those unable to visit the mosque during regular hours, this presents a unique chance to discover one of the most significant religious, national, and cultural landmarks that attract tourists worldwide.

By offering these additional hours outside of official working hours, the mosque remains accessible 24/7, ensuring everyone can experience its magnificence.

Visitors can book their sports and make requests to join the “Sura” Evening Cultural Tours through SZGMC's website:

Choosing the name “Sura” is rooted in the mosque's undertaking to revive the Arab and Islamic cultural heritage. It entails reviving the vocabulary of the Arabic language and embodying its meanings. The name "Sura" was chosen due to its significance, as it symbolises the night march, indicating the time of its presentation within the mosque's premises.

Launching the “Sura” Evening Cultural Tours marks a significant addition to the Centre's service system. It sets a precedent among cultural and tourist landmarks worldwide, showcasing the unwavering commitment of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to enhance its civilizational system through innovative programs, services, and practices. These initiatives aim to enrich the experience of visitors from diverse cultures across the globe.

Acknowledging the significance and abundance of the evening cultural tours is essential, as they provide a different experience than those conducted during official working hours. Those who partake in these tours will uncover hidden aspects of the mosque that remain unseen in daylight. During the tour, they will witness the regular maintenance work and exceptional cleaning activities. Moreover, they will be able to immerse themselves in the peaceful and serene atmosphere that envelops the mosque at night.

Furthermore, the evening tours provide a captivating opportunity to appreciate the beauty of Islamic architecture in a different light. The tours coincide with the mesmerising lunar illumination system, meticulously designed to mimic the brightness of the moon's phases. The illumination begins with a subtle blue light synchronised with the crescent, gradually intensifying until it reaches a radiant white colour in harmony with the full moon. Subsequently, the brightness diminishes, transitioning into a deep blue shade corresponding to the moon's disappearance. This enchanting cycle repeats, offering a truly captivating experience.

The “Sura” Evening Cultural Tours last forty minutes and are offered to participants through the El Delleel multimedia audio guide device. This device takes them on exceptional cultural tours, utilising innovative virtual reality technologies. Participants will experience live sensory clips, accompanying audio and visual effects, and virtual activities that enhance the overall experience.

The tour also includes interactive 3D maps that display elements of the mosque in real time along the route. Additionally, there is a package of interactive games and activities specifically designed for children. The guide provides content in 14 international languages, ensuring comprehensive accessibility for people with disabilities, such as the blind and deaf. It allows everyone to learn about the significant role played by the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre in promoting tolerant Islamic culture and building bridges of understanding with various cultures worldwide.

Furthermore, the tour highlights the mosque's distinctive features in terms of worship, initiatives, and diverse activities. It also introduces participants to the mosque's Islamic architecture and construction history. The architecture is inspired by the finest achievements of Islamic civilization throughout history, reflecting the beauty of cultural harmony and diversity in one creative work.