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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Offers “El-Daleel”, A Cultural Experience That Is Both Integrated And Innovative

17 Oct 2023

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Offers “El-Daleel”, A Cultural Experience That Is Both Integrated And Innovative, To Worshippers And Visitors From All Corners Of The World. 


  • Flawless integration of augmented reality and guided tours in 14 global languages. 

  • Exceptional tours for people of determination and children, created in line with globally accepted standards. 


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre Launches "El-Daleel", a cutting-edge multimedia device that offers an exceptional guided tour experience to worshippers and visitors from around the world. This innovative technology utilizes virtual reality to transport guests into the heart of the mosque, providing a truly immersive cultural encounter. 

Through a combination of live sensory clips, captivating audio and visual effects, and interactive maps, “El-Daleel” showcases the intricate details of the mosque in real-time along the tour route. This state-of-the-art device also offers a range of interactive games and activities for children, available in 14 international languages. Furthermore, it caters to people of determination , including those who are visually or auditorily challenged, assuring complete engagement with the civilizational message conveyed by the mosques. 

At the core of “El-Daleel” lies the promotion of tolerance and coexistence, inspired by the visionary leadership of the United Arab Emirates and the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. 

 This unique architectural masterpiece serves as a testament to the late Sheikh Zayed's vision, and through an engaging, interactive narrative, visitors can gain a deeper understanding of its significance. 


“El-Daleel” takes its inspiration from the Emirati dialect. 

It is worth mentioning that the name “El-Daleel” is derived from the local Emirati dialect, signifying a person who guides and directs others. This name reflects the national identity of Emirati society and its commitment to noble values and high ideals, in line with the path of development that has been passed down through generations. 

“El-Daleel” offers an innovative cultural experience that meets high international standards. It serves as a qualitative addition to the Centre's service system, designed to provide unique cultural tours. Unlike public tours in the mosque, “El-Daleel” does not require users to adhere to specific times. It stands out by incorporating augmented reality technology, enhancing the user experience with interactive 3D maps of the mosque and virtual activities that create impact and momentum. 

By observing worshippers filling up the mosque’s courtyard on the 27th night of Ramadan and engaging in Friday prayers, users are fully immersed within a captivating ambiance that resonates with spirituality and brings out the true essence of the mosque. Furthermore, it brings the growth of flowers in the eastern foyer to life, allowing users to appreciate the exquisite craftsmanship in their design in a tangible way. 

One standout characteristic of the “El-Daleel” is its capacity to engage with the Qibla wall and the Mihrab. With a simple touch, users can access comprehensive information on their desired section. Additionally, “El-Daleel” enables users to closely examine the intricate details of the chandelier and its related elements. 

Equipped with wireless communication technology, it automatically provides a detailed explanation of specific sections of the mosque's design and aesthetics as soon as the user passes by them. 

Considering the mosque’s worldwide appeal as a tourist destination that attracts visitors worldwide, , efforts have been made by the Centre to address this demand. Through El-Daleel, they offer cultural tours in 14 languages—including Arabic—ensuring that visitors are fully immersed in the  enriching cultural experience offered by the mosque. 


Meticulously planned tours created to suit the needs and preferences of people from all genders and age groups. 

 To effectively promote the mosque’s message globally on a large scale, the Centre has consistently relied on a comprehensive approach. This involves developing “El-Daleel” content through rigorous research, comparisons, and real-life experiences. The aim is to create a distinctive and impactful experience that caters to the diverse needs of individuals across all age groups and genders. 


Tours for People of Determination 

"El-Daleel" has curated exceptional tours specifically tailored for individuals with disabilities, aiming to provide them with a comprehensive and enriching experience within the mosque. This initiative is a testament to the Centre’s recognition of this category's active and influential role as an essential part of our society. 

Part of these remarkable tours is the descriptive audio tour, meticulously designed by specialists who possess a high level of competence and experience in catering to the unique needs of people who are blind. These experts have thoroughly studied the reality faced by this group and have developed a visionary approach to optimize the utilization of their senses and cutting-edge technologies. Through carefully crafted language, vocabulary, and accompanying effects, this tour aims to impact the participants profoundly. 

To ensure the utmost benefit and enjoyment, the initial version of the tour underwent rigorous testing by a blind individual. Their invaluable feedback and suggestions were thoughtfully considered for further improvement and development, resulting in the final version that meets the highest quality standards. 

In addition to the descriptive audio tour, the Centre has also designed a sign language tour specifically for individuals with hearing impairments. A team of specialists has extensively studied these tours' content and presentation methods to ensure a seamless integration of experiences. Various effects and professionally filmed clips have been employed throughout these tours to enhance the overall experience. 


The “Little Explorer” Tour 

As an integral part of its cultural mission and commitment to instilling values in younger generations, "El-Daleel" offers dedicated tours for families and children, aptly named "Little Explorer." These tours are brought to life by two cartoon characters, "Sultan" and " Mouwza", who draw inspiration from the identity of the “Junior Cultural Guide” program. Voiced by program graduates, these characters serve as engaging hosts for young visitors. 

Recognizing that language customization is crucial for meeting children's needs; The Centre has dedicated significant effort to developing interactive content specifically tailored for this age group, which thrives on diversity and excitement. Consequently, the content has been meticulously crafted to deliver an engaging and interactive experience that caters to their distinct interests. A team of highly skilled and experienced individuals has meticulously designed a captivating assortment of games, puzzles, and activities, all with the aim of fostering a deeper understanding and encouraging contemplation of the intricate elements of the mosque's architecture and its profound message. 

The ”General Tour” 

This is a condensed version of the "El-Daleel" immersive tour, offering a comprehensive overview with a specific focus on the mosque‘s architecture. It has been tailored to cater to visitors with time constraints or unique circumstances that prevent them from participating in the immersive tour. Nevertheless, it ensures that they can still gain valuable insights into the fascinating dimensions of the mosque. 


A Journey uncovering the wonders of Al Jami’ Library 

"El-Daleel" encompasses a comprehensive cultural content, which includes the specialized content of Al Jami’s Library on Islamic civilization and its arts. It takes users on an immersive tour, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the various sections of the library while also providing concise information about several rare books and the Centre’s unique publications. 


To ensure easy access for visitors, the Centre offers the convenience of pre-booking "El-Daleel" through its website,, or by visiting the Customer Happiness Office at the Visitors Center.  


With its many advantages and availability in diverse languages, “El-Daleel” truly embodies the mosque's pivotal role in enriching the country's cultural movement. Furthermore, it serves as a platform to promote the values and message of the Centre, which advocates for tolerance and cultural communication on a wide scale.