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SHEIKH ZAYED GRAND MOSQUE CENTER: Youth are the Key to Building the Future

12 Aug 2023

SHEIKH ZAYED GRAND MOSQUE CENTER: Youth are the Key to Building the Future

  • The activities of the Junior  Cultural Guide program in its eleventh season continue  coinciding with the International Youth Day.
  • 100% Amortization of the profession of cultural tour specialists.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre has consistently demonstrated its commitment to the betterment of the younger generation, introducing numerous programs that aim to cultivate their potential and empower them to contribute to the ongoing journey of sustainable development experienced by our nation in diverse domains, while emphasizing the cultural and humanistic aspect of the United Arab Emirates at home and abroad.

Under the umbrella of the AL Shabab AL Banie Program, the Centre has introduced several initiatives, including the: The volunteering Program  ,the Ibn Al-Dar Program, the Junior Culture Guide Program, and initiatives to develop and refine students' skills with higher education institutions, programs dedicated to people of determination, and other programs, providing an opportunity for the youth of the nation to be shining examples that reflect the principles of the Centre, based on the values of coexistence, openness, fraternity, and cross cultural communication between people the UAE, further embodying the nations  authentic humanitarian heritage.

On this occasion, H.E.  Dr. Youssef Al Obaidli, the Director General of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre, stated that: " We at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre are proud of what we have  achieved in the field of nurturing and developing the talents of young Emiratis. We are also proud of our young men and women at the center, who reflect the true image of the United Arab Emirates and present the finest examples of tolerance, coexistence, and peace through their exceptional services to mosque’s worshippers  and visitors."

His excellency also added: "The Centre believes in the importance of youth in building the future and considers them the main pillar for realizing our country's visions and completing its civilizational progress. Therefore, it is keen on launching and adopting initiatives and projects aimed at developing and nurturing young Emirati talents. The majority of the center's employees are young Emiratis, and the position of cultural tour specialist is occupied by young men and women from the country, representing 100% of the workforce, and we take pride in their ability to transmit UAEs message to the global community. Mirroring celebrations on International Youth Day worldwide, it is crucial to acknowledge that season eleven of the Junior Cultural Guide initiative persistently embodies the Centre's pioneering role in serving the community and implementing its core values fueled by an ardent patriotism deeply rooted in the enduring heritage of the UAE. It is also part of the Centre's efforts to support the role of the family and society in enhancing the moral education of the younger generations."


The Junior Cultural Guide program has already produced over 490 graduates since its launch. Whereas the number of graduates from the Ibn Al-Dar program reached 223 graduates, who were trained, qualified, and their skills enhanced to reach the highest levels of performance in cultural tours by the country's nationals, under the supervision of cultural tour specialists at the center. This allows them the opportunity to closely observe and understand the values and messages of the Centre, represented by tolerance and coexistence, which the society of the United Arab Emirates is built upon. This program opens up future opportunities for them to work as cultural tour specialists and represent their country with pride.

Such training programs are part of a long-term plan developed by the Centre. The Junior Cultural Guide program qualifies and equips young talents with the necessary skills to participate in the Ibn Al-Dar program in the future. They undergo further training and qualification according to international standards, to be given the opportunity to work as cultural tour specialists at the Centre. They contribute to providing cultural tours for visitors from different cultures around the world with professionalism and high efficiency, becoming ambassadors who represent their country in an honorable manner, and present its bright  and convey its noble message.

In the context of supporting youth initiatives, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre hosted the youth session for members of the Tolerance Ambassadors Initiative, organized by the Arab Youth Center in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the participation of 25 young men and women from 10 Arab countries. The session highlighted the role of the center in promoting and strengthening human values ​​such as tolerance, coexistence, and peace in the hearts of different cultures around the world, especially among the youth, who hold the key to our nation’s future success. It also emphasized how the mosque has become a unique model that stands out from other places of worship due to its various programs that build bridges of communication with different cultures and reflect the civilizational role of the nation. It pointed out that the UAE has become a model for the region and the world in spreading the message of peace, tolerance, and coexistence to the world.

The Grand Mosque continuously welcomes students from different academic institutions worldwide. It introduces them to the tolerant Islamic culture and the values of the UAE, based on tolerance, coexistence, and human fraternity. This year, the mosque received delegations from the University of Pennsylvania, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Townsend School in the United States, and participants of the UAE Hackathon.

It is worth mentioning that Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre is dedicated to nurturing the talents of youth and showcasing the cultural heritage of the UAE. It reflects the vision of its founder, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and his contributions to promoting tolerance and coexistence,and represents the country's bright image, moderate approach, and commitment to spreading the values of moderation and openness.