Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre
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Fajr 05:29 AM
Sunrise 06:42 AM
Dhuhr 12:37 PM
Asr 03:56 PM
Maghrib 06:27 PM
Isha 07:41 PM

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As part of our efforts to reach people with limited mobility and accessibility to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center (SZGMC) services, we have designed this website with enhanced features that will ease the experience of dealing with the SZGMC.

Following are some of the features on our website that aim to benefit people with different abilities:

1. Sitemap

2. Zoom Screen

3. Change text size

4. Download software programs

5. Change language

6. Download Photo / Video files

7. Open data

8. Browser support



The SZGMC exclusively follows the recommendations laid down by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to maintain the website structure, navigation, look and feel. You will always have pleasing experience while browsing the website.


Zoom screen

For those with poor visual ability to read text and view images, can use the Zoom option from your browser to enlarge the page. You can change the page size by clicking on the “View” menu. Then, click on Zoom and adjust the page size according to your needs.


Change text size

If you have difficulty reading the text on our website, you can increase or decrease the text-size by clicking on the A+ or  A- icons on the top of the webpage.


Download software programs

The SZGMC website provides the links to download the software programs that enable users to access its contents. The programs include:

- Adobe Flash Player

- Adobe Reader


Change language

The SZGMC offers the option of viewing the website in both Arabic and English, enabling its users to choose the most convenient language.


Download Photo / Video files

The website varies with its content having both photo and video files that are loaded on external servers (YouTube, Flickr), which in return enable users to benefit from the information and news provided by these files.


Open data

The SZGMC website does not only enclose closed data, but it also offers some of the data in the form of Word, Excel, and PDF files.


Browser support

The website supports a number of Web Browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0+, Firefox 1.0+, Safari 1.2+, and Chrome.