Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre
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  • Books

The Mosque's library comprises a wide variety of sources that reach up to 9,000 books of periodicals, references, and specialized books on Islamic civilization in general, and Islamic Art and Architecture in particular, such as Arabic calligraphy, ancient Islamic coins, oriental rugs, and others in more than fourteen living languages.

As H.H. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, as a kind gesture, gifted SZGMC library about  3,000 specialized books, and comprises valuable rare books and periodicals that serve the library.

  • Microfiche

The Mosque's library comprises a variety of resources that reach approximately (50679) in Microfiche (cards) that provide scholars with information related to various Islamic disciplines such as biographies, Hadith, and Islamic arts, in addition to manuscripts of the Holy Qur’an printed in Europe during the years (1537-1857), totaling (50679) in number in Microfiche form.

  • Rare Books

The Mosque's library comprises over 500 rare books of historical value, predominately on the history and antiquities of Islamic Architecture in the Middle East, the Indian Peninsula, Spain, and Persia. These rare books, which very few copies remain worldwide, dating from the seventeenth century, are often difficult to find in the market and are mostly found only through antiquarian booksellers. Such rare collections are, maintained by the Mosque's library in a secure area specially designed to preserve them. As they are displayed to those interested in viewing them under the care of a  specialized librarian.