Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre
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Sunrise 06:40 AM
Dhuhr 12:37 PM
Asr 03:56 PM
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Isha 07:42 PM

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The Mosque’s Walkway

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Walkway Offers Unique Venue to Practice Outdoor Sports Amidst Majestic Scenery

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Walkway is one of the most vital facilities of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre (SZGMC) in Abu Dhabi. As a valuable addition to the mosque’s facilities, the walkway provides visitors from different cultures with a unique venue to practice various outdoor sports, while enjoying the majestic view of the mosque’s architecture and its surrounding landscape.  

The walkway articulates SZGMC’s commitment to social responsibility and promoting awareness about the importance of healthy living and physical activities, in line with the UAE efforts to encourage the practice of sports, in addition to being a new addition to the list of distinctive sports destinations in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

An ideal venue for members of community to practice outdoor sports and enjoy the picturesque views, the walkway significantly contributes to improving the physical and mental health, while reinforcing the mosque’s status as a premier architectural and cultural landmark with stunning green spaces.

Recreation destination catering to diverse needs of cosmopolitan society

To enhance its status as a unique recreation destination offering diverse facilities that cater to the needs of visitors from different cultures, SZGMC has collaborated with a select group of partners to create an integrated venue surrounding the walkway. The venue incorporates several restaurants and cafes that add to its appeal to visitors. These facilities make the venue a vibrant space closely associated with a prominent cultural and architectural center that offers a spectacular visual experience to visitors.

Exquisite green belt, fine aesthetic details

The walkway plays an instrumental role in maximizing the esthetic value of the mosque and its natural setting. Stretching more than three kilometers in length and four meters in width, the walkway demonstrates SZGMC’s success in optimally utilizing the spaces surrounding the mosque, which combines the magnificence of architecture, and the abundance of tranquil natural beauty.

The walkway is surrounded by a unique green landscape of diverse flora and fauna, including dozens of palm trees that symbolize the authentic culture of the UAE and the Arab world, and nearly 200 species of trees. SZGMC pays a special attention to their conservation through adopting the latest irrigation methods and providing constant care.

Sports specifications and quality standards

The walkway is designed to fulfil the health and safety requirements of users. Its track is made of rubber that meets athletic flooring specifications to absorb shock while walking and running, ensuring no side effects to user's body, especially knee and spine.