About The Library


  1. Acquisition of valuable books, manuscripts, and others which unfold the richness of Islamic culture throughout the ages.
  2. Provide rich and diverse vessels of knowledge such as books, journals, and /audio/visual sources on various fields of knowledge
  3. Seeking to acquire intellectual production related to the Islamic civilization, its architecture, arts, and sciences, written in living international languages, and documenting it in all its forms such as periodicals, research, and specialized and comparative studies.
  4. Dispense contemporary knowledge and education through honoring the Arab and Islamic heritage and contribute towards its revival, renewal, and study
  5. Provide quality library services and organize activities and events that foster translations and scholarly publications related to Arabic and Islamic sciences at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre that serve as a qualitative addition to scientific research.

Opening Times

Monday - Friday 9AM - 6 PM
Saturday - Sunday Closed

Library Manners

  • Users shall use all library resources responsibly, and shall not cause damage to the library's furniture or tools, and allow others to benefit.
  • Users shall not eat, drink, or use mobile phones.
  • Users shall not use the library for purposes other than academic pursuits.
  • User shall not return books and resources to the shelves and shall only leave them on the table.
  • Users shall behave in a manner that does not disturb others or cause damage to the library.
  • Users shall interact courteously and respectfully with other library users and library staff.
  • Any violation of these Library rules and regulations shall result in the Centre's administration requesting those in violation to leave the Library immediately and be denied entry and access to services.

Excellent Location

Exceptionally located at The Visitor Center at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the library allows its visitors, researchers, and those interested, in addition to the mosque’s worshipers and visitors, an opportunity to explore its culturally rich content. Perhaps, the library’s location has made it a desired destination for researchers and readers and an attraction for students from all over the world and has definitely contributed to its success. In comparison, the outdoor space in the library provides a cozy and calm space that allows clarity and its various sources, including computers that enable researchers to scan electronic sources quickly and conveniently.