AL Shabab AL Banie Program

The 'Young Builders' is a youth capacity-building program that brings together initiatives and activities launched by the Center since its establishment in 2012, catering to young people whom the late founding father considered to be the nation's wealth and the builders of its renaissance. The program aims to:

  • Investing in the potential and talents of our nation's youth and youngsters.
  • Preparing a generation capable of steering the UAE's sustainable development wheel.
  • Highlight the UAE's civilized and humanitarian bright image locally and internationally through its youth.
  • Instilling concepts of patriotism, volunteer work, community service, and other noble values future among generations.
  • Integrating people of determination with all segments of society.

Besides, the programs organized by the Centre within this context in partnership with schools and higher education institutions, as it organizes several periodic training programs, volunteer programs, and others for people of determination, including:

Ibn Al-Dar Program

The "Ibn Al-Dar" program is an annual focal program organized by the Centre to encourage young Emirati people to join the field of cultural tour guidance and prepare them to deliver tours at the mosque per the highest international standards. At the same time, it also allows them to work on part-time basses at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre upon exceeding the program. It prepares them to represent a bright image of the UAE, demonstrates noble values and cultural openness, and empowers them to communicate with other cultures through tolerance and moderation while adhering to their religious and patriotic principles and the moderate approach that calls for respect for others. Participants undergo training, including several educational workshops, research, and field training, aimed at enhancing the trainee's skills and qualifying them to reach the highest levels of performance in cultural tours over a period of five weeks.

Future Guide Program

It is one of the Centre's primary programs targeting 9th,10th, and 11th-grade students. The program aims to introduce students to Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque's message, the rich legacy, and the values of the late founding father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan by training and qualifying them to deliver cultural tours at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. It involves workshops and activities that help develop their interpersonal and communication skills, such as enhancing self-confidence and overcoming stress. It also builds their talents and prepares them to be cultural tour specialists in the future. The participants attend workshops and training sessions throughout the program that enhance their presentation and oratory skills, using body language, managing dialogues, and preparing well-versed briefs.

Junior Culture Guide Program

The Centre also fosters the talents of younger generations by preparing them for the future through the "Junior Culture Guide" Program. The program has a special curriculum, coupled with workshops and field training at the mosque, that aims to develop their ability to shoulder responsibility from an early age and become cultural tour specialists in the future and proud ambassadors of their country. The Center's role does not conclude with merely their graduation, but it further extends to develop a methodology that ensures that graduates are encouraged to continue by intensifying their participation in cultural tours, training them within various groups in various workshops, and leading them to advanced training stages such as the "Ibn Dar" program.

“Re’Haab Al Hemam” Program

To embody the values it strives to promote and its keenness to involve all segments of society, the Centre annually organizes several initiatives underscoring values of tolerance and coexistence targeting People of Determination, such as allocating guided cultural tours in Arabic and English sign-language and providing them with opportunities to showcase their talents in various fields; most notably their participation in the "Spaces of Light" photography award periodically organized by the Centre.