The Rare Books Collection

Al Jami’ library allocated a section for its unique collection of the rarest books globally, which are a qualitative addition to Al Jami’ library. It comprises books of historical value and which very few copies remain worldwide. They date from the eighteenth century, predominately on Islamic architecture’s history and antiquities in the Middle East, the Indian Peninsula, Spain, and others.

Oldest book

Manuscript Collections

Al Jami’ Library provides its visitors and those interested in Islamic culture with an invaluable collection of manuscripts, in the form of microfiche, totaling more than 50 thousand microfiche sheets, that reveal the richness of Islamic culture and different branches of science and versatile arts it comprised; that enlightened humanity throughout ages. They provide researchers with information on various Islamic sciences such as biographies, hadith, and Islamic arts. Besides microfiche versions of the Holy Qur’an, printed in Europe 1537-1857 AD.

A Manuscript from Al Jami’ Library

The Islamic Civilization Collection

It includes a curated collection of valuable and specialized sources on various Islamic civilization topics such as history, culture, arts, architecture, gardens, literature, sciences, and manuscripts.

Specialized Periodicals

A Section comprising specialized periodicals on Islamic culture can also be found at the Mosque’s library; As the periodicals; the section includes 32 titles of periodicals written in 5 different languages, namely English, French, and German, as well as Spanish and Italian

The UAE Collection

Al Jami’ Library is focused on the United Arab Emirates’ legacy, ranging from history, achievements, and biographies of distinguished figures who played an influential role in establishing the country and achieving its unique accomplishments in a short period. It dedicated an entire section, including books on the UAE. It allows the library visitors to learn about the UAE’s heritage, history, the legacy of the fore founders, its wise leadership’s role in driving the country’s development in various fields, and other related topics.

Children’s Books Collection

Out of its belief in the active role of children and younger generations in achieving the nation’s aspirations, and the importance of preparing a generation capable of shaping the future by expanding their perceptions and providing them with keys to knowledge and culture; Al Jami’ Library strengthened children’s bond with reading and books by dedicating a section for children allowing young visitors to view its unique collection of children’s books.