Ewan Al Jami' Workshop

Out of its belief in arts as the universal language of communication, the Centre organizes the "Ewan Al Jami' " program, which includes a series of specialized workshops revolving around the aesthetics of Islamic art and architecture, such as ornamentation, sculpturing and Arabic calligraphy as well as other forms of art.

These workshops are delivered by an elite selection specialist in the field of Islamic arts from inside and outside the country, targeting those interested in this field from different age groups. Ewan Al Jami' celebrates the finest works of art achieved by the Islamic civilization, further serving as a tributary to the cultural movement in the country. Below is a list of the workshops :

  • The "Sculpting Botanical and Geometric Motifs" workshop by Adam Williamson, a Calligrapher and sculptor. He is interested in carving stone and wood to create symmetric geometric shapes and has also won several international awards.
  • The "Islamic Geometry" workshop by Samira Mayne, an artist and an experienced trainer on Islamic geometry who has studied arts in London and abroad.
  • The "Visual Language of Islamic Geometric Design" workshop by Eric Bragg, writer, academic, and artist specializing in Islamic geometric design and its arts.
  • The "Islamic Art of Gilding" workshop by Tahrim Pasha. A plastic artist accredited by the Prince College of Traditional Arts in the United Kingdom. She specializes in gilding, Islamic geometry, and Arabic calligraphy.
  • The "Mosaic Paintings at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque" workshop by Laura Lay Ray, an art instructor and museum education consultant for the Islamic Art Group.Also a famous Manufacture of ceramics and mosaics in different styles for more than six years.
  • The "Ceramic Sculpture on Plaster" workshop by Paul Barchillon.An American artist specializing in Islamic stucco decorations inspired by rich Moroccan stucco art with about 30 years of experience. He creates his designs using modern technology and employing his skills in creating geometric motifs.