Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre
Prayer Timings
Fajr 05:29 AM
Sunrise 06:42 AM
Dhuhr 12:37 PM
Asr 03:56 PM
Maghrib 06:27 PM
Isha 07:41 PM

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Friday Sermon

Friday is a very important day for Muslims.  It is more significant and more beneficial than any other day of the week.  It is the day that Muslims gather together to pray in congregation at the mosque. As the word Jumu'ah (the Arabic word for Friday) means ‘to congregate’. On this important day, the Imam stands on the Minbar (pulpit) to deliver a sermon to worshippers before their prayers. Thousands of men and women visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to observe the Friday sermon and perform Friday prayers.

Friday sermons are one and the same in all of Abu Dhabi’s mosques so that a unified message, often related to social and religious practices, is spread to the community. Friday sermons are available on the website of the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments (Awqaf) and can be downloaded in Arabic, English or Urdu.

To view the sermons, click here.