Hijri Calendar

Committed to expanding its religious and cultural significance, the Centre has been issuing the Hijri calendar annually since 1439 AH, incorporating scientific, religious, and astronomical principles through collaboration with specialized committees from various domains.

Hijri calendar application

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre gladly presents you with the Hijri calendar application that can be downloaded to your smart devices, allowing you to easily access and use the agenda.

The application includes all the elements of the (Paper Calendar, as well as additional information and special features that have been crafted in a unique user-friendly technical format. It allows you to view the prayer times for all cities and regions of the UAE, annual events, tidal movements, details related to the Hijri months and days, and enable prayer times notifications and alerts.

You can also explore the traditional "Deirat Al Doror" calendar in an interactive format through which you can learn about each Dur, the calculation of Suhail, Ṭāli's, Zodiacs, seasons, and the climatic and natural features of each of them.

You can now download the Hijri calendar application through the "Apple Store" or "Google Play "

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The Hijri Calendar Book

It is one of the Centre’s publications on the Hijri calendar, characterized by its rich, comprehensive, and accurate content that links the rich past to the modern-day datum, providing the youth with the gist of the sciences their ancestors relied on, which held great scientific value and astronomical benefits. The publication includes crucial details about zodiacs, droor, Ṭāli’s, seasons, visible planets, major astronomical events such as land and sea conditions and tidal movements, Climatological averages, the appearance of the Suhail star, prayer times in the meridian and sunset times in Abu Dhabi and the cities within it, as well as a group of supplications, hadeeths urging individuals to adhere to good conduct, moral virtue, information about the virtue of each Hijri month, and major Hijri events as it includes everything needed by those interested and researchers in the field of astronomy based on what the people of the Emirates have known since ancient times, presented in a concise format making it accessible to all members of the society.

Interactive calendar

The Interactive e-calendar; allows flexibility to view all the details and contents of the suspended Hijri calendar and easily track prayer times according to days and months. It can be downloaded through the website and saved on mobile phones and smart devices for easy reference.

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Deirat Al-Droor

An ancient astronomical system is based on dividing the days of the year in decimals into 36 sections. Each section includes 10 days known as "Dur" and is linked with the rise of the Suhail star.

Deirat Al-Droor link To watch the episodes of the Deirat Al-Droor series, please click here

Hijri calendar series

This series of episodes is part of the Hijri calendar project. It briefs viewers about the Hijri calendar, its history, the concept of the meridian and sunset times which are related to worship, the phases and stages of the moon associated with each Hijri month and how they impact the tides, as well as shedding light on the virtues of the Hijri months, events and facts related to each month. It explains how people depended on stars to tell time, their connection to remembrance in the Holy Qur'an, the importance of the Droor and Ṭāli's, their main features, and the Emirati poems about them, Also how our ancestors paid attention to the rise of the "Suhail" star.

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