Deputy Chairman’s Message

Since its inauguration, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre has diligently worked to enhance the cultural landscape in the UAE by embodying its firm approach to establishing values of peace and cross-cultural communication between the Islamic culture and other cultures of the world through its array of initiatives, programs, and local, regional, and global participation. The Centre maintains this role by establishing well-formulated plans continuously developed and implemented on the ground by a well-qualified group of specialists in accordance with the highest standards within a framework of international practices marked by the values of tolerance and acceptance urged by the Islamic culture and the authenticity of the UAE society that depicts the finest examples of human coexistence. The rapid growth and improvement of the high standard services and facilities system the Centre provides to the mosque's worshippers and visitors cater to all their needs and enrich their experiences, regardless of the culture of ethnicity.

H.E. Sultan Dahi Al Hemeiri
Deputy Chairman of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre's Board of Trustees