The Mihrab

The Mihrab (Niche) is an essential architectural element of a mosque and symmetrically located in the middle of the Qibla Wall. It is a semicircular design located in the middle of the Qibla wall and traditionally known as the place where the imam will stand to lead the worshippers. Its Design is inspired by one of the references to ‘Heaven’ or ‘Paradise’ in the Holy Quran (Surah Mohammed-15) that describes the existence of many abundant rivers in heaven including a river of honey and milk.

The yellow golden leaf-glass mosaic of the Mihrab seems to flow downwards from the ‘beehive’ feature at the top, as if it were a river of golden honey. The reason why the Mihrab is in a half circle shape is related to the pre-electronic times when it helped to project the imam’s voice and create an echo ,so that the worshippers could hear him.