The Qibla Wall

The prayer hall has one wall facing Makkah, called the Qibla wall. The Qibla wall indicates the direction of the Ka'abah, the cubic-shaped building in the holy city of Makkah, Saudi Arabia. All Muslims pray facing the Ka'abah. The Qibla wall is cladded with Aquabianca and Bianco P marbles from Italy, and the design features many five-sided flower shapes, each containing a word. These are the ninety-nine most beautiful names or qualities of Allah, such as The Merciful, The Gracious, The Patient, The Wise, and The Charitable, to name just a few. This calligraphy style is called Kufic, and the Emirati calligrapher of the Qibla wall is Mohammed Mandi Al Tamimi. The wall is subtly illuminated with fiber-optic lighting. At the center of its design is a large circle. The name written inside is Allah, meaning God Almighty.

The flower shape above it is empty. This absence represents Allah's unlimited qualities, which are unknown to us. Above the Mihrab (the niche) is a golden script, a verse from Al-A'araf Surah (chapter) that encourages Muslims to learn the meanings of Allah's qualities and use them during prayers. The Qibla wall has fewer colors than the walls behind them so that not to disturb the worshippers during their prayers.