The Minbar

The Minbar (Pulpit) at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is located on the right of the Mihrab. It includes 11 steps to allow the imam (leader of prayers) stands and deliver sermons (khutbah) to address the large number of worshippers that Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque receives. Made of carved American cedar wood inlaid with mother of pearl, white gold, and glass mosaic, the Minbar features floral and shell designs, with a small dome-shaped 'roof' and crescent finial at the top of the stairs.

The Minbar is one of the early features of Islamic architecture. The historical references indicate that the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, used to stand by the trunk of a date-palm tree while delivering the sermon. Later, someone suggested they build a pulpit for him to stand or sit when delivering the sermon on Fridays, Eid, or other occasions.